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1v1 Battle

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Are you a fearless fighter ready to defeat everyone that comes your way? Then we know where you can demonstrate your combat skills to the fullest! Join the most exciting fighting game ever! It will allow you to fully immerse in dynamic 1v1 battles against real users from all over the world. The initial step is to select a character and ammunition for him. Then you will find yourself in a huge location where you will have to enter death confrontation with all sorts of antagonists. Try to move around the location without attracting additional attention. This way, you will have a chance to win some time. Whenever you see an enemy in front of you, attack immediately not to give a single chance to your adversary to bring damage to you! Your ultimate goal is to kill them all and achieve the best score in this insane adventure.

Take all effort to hold out!

You will have to develop an effective strategy to protect yourself from your opponents. For example, you can build walls and ramps out of wood. These structures will shelter you from bullets, but do not forget that these will collapse under heavy fire. From time to time, you will come across safes. You will need to use diamonds or perform different tasks to open these. Safes can contain gold coins and new equipment and accessories.

These items will help you enhance the characteristics of your character. Every player has a health bar – you need to move fast enough to defeat the opponent before you run out of energy. All the confrontations are very dynamic and you must use all your agility skills to succeed. Every time you manage to eliminate all the enemies on one level, you get coins. Use this money to buy better ammunition and weapon as the next level is going to be much harder. Have incredible fun in the 1v1 battle entertainment!

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