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Are you in the mood to measure your fighting skills with others? Then welcome to world! It is a spectacular shooter for the most active players! You will find yourself in a bright arena where you will compete with other players! Actually, it a colorful city where you can be attacked at any moment and from any direction. It is literally flooded with enemies! So you may already have understood your ultimate task in this online entertainment – you need to delete as many opponents as you can. Your character will look like a simple ragdoll but it does not mean that he is easy to defeat. Besides, you will have access to a stunning selection of weapons. You will be able to select from a variety of rifles and guns. You can even capture a tower to keep a bigger territory under control.

Earn points and open new opportunities!

Once you kill the opponent, you will get coins on your account and do not hesitate to own his weapons and accessories. Every killed antagonist will bring more coins to your account. Accumulate enough funds to purchase more powerful guns. You can also buy more skins and accessories for your personage, making him more unique. There are many secrets hidden around the location – solve these and earn additional bonuses. The whole process is very exciting and opens tons of new opportunities as you progress in the gameplay. Join it now to see what is your maximum score on this chaotic battlefield. Have fun and try to survive for as long as possible!

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