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Grand Bank: Robbery Duel

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What can be more thrilling than a bank robbery? We bet everyone has seen such a crime many times in the movies. But what about participating in it yourself? Sounds incredible, doesn’t it? This game invites you to go through even a more thrilling adventure. You will become a member of the gangster group who plans to steal a big sum of cash from the bank.

Of course, such a crime requires thorough planning but even that does not guarantee success. The thieves have developed a detailed plan, but still one unexpected nuance has spoiled everything. They did not expect to meet their competitors there. It is a really unexpected twist! You need to kill your opponents at any cost. And it needs to be done really fast as your enemies have exactly the same intentions! So prove you are the fastest player and can kill them all!

Do your best to defeat the opponents!

As you have understood, now you will not avoid a fierce duel. And it will not be an easy task to get advantage of your antagonists as they are also very skilled. A fierce gunfight awaits you here. You need to be very careful to shoot at the right time – precise shots will make your swing higher, while the less successful ones will only decrease it. If you manage to hit your enemy’s head, it will be the best result but it will be extremely difficult to perform it.

The key point is to bring as much damage as possible to your adversary and win the battle

It will not be enough to injure the enemy as he will continue fighting. You need to kill him to death to win the round. The more wrong steps you take, the more chances you give to your opponent. And precise hits will bring you coins that you can use to make your hero more powerful. There are twenty exciting levels to pass in this online entertainment – you will have enough time to enjoy this game to the fullest.

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