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Hunter And Props

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Are you ready for the most exciting hide and seek game ever? Try Hunter and Props! It is multiplayer that is designed for two teams. This new entertainment offers you to choose one of the two roles – a hunter or prop! If you prefer the first option – you will need to get armed and move around the map looking for disguised opponents. They can hide absolutely anywhere! Your task is to identify hiding players and shoot them!

There are several maps available to players. Once you enter a new location, try to memorize how all things are arranged. And then start looking for the objects that so not fit in the interior. These are definitely your opponents trying to mislead you! Luckily, you will be equipped with a special device that will help you identify whether it is an object in front of you or disguised fake!

Play as a prop!

Alternatively, you can get even more fun by playing the role of the prop. In this case, you will transform into any object you can just think of. You can become a burger or a tree, or just whatever you wish. The idea is to not to attract the attention of the hunter and survive during thorough scanning of the location. Note that you need to transform into something that will originally match the environment, otherwise, you will be immediately spotted. You can turn into a wide range of objects in this thrilling game. But the key point is to trick the hunter and not be noticed. We suggest that you try on both roles for the best gaming experience!

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