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A new shooter invites players to have incredible fun! You will find yourself in a cool pixelated world where you need only reaction and precision! Fans of online battles will enjoy exciting wars and true-to-life rivals that come from all over the planet. The task of every player is to demonstrate the best fighting skills and survive in fierce confrontation, deleting all the opponents around. You will have to face a lot of professional fighters, and it is vital to avoid their attacks to survive. There are 11 classes of fighters to choose from – you can become a detective, an archer, a hunter and many more. Each of them will be using a different weapon. For example, if you transform into a sniper – you will be armed with an assault rifle. For the best experience, try as many roles as possible.

Select weapons and maps!

You will be impressed by a wide variety of cool weapons in Choose from your preferred option – an assault rifle, sniper rifle, shotgun, pistol and others. Every weapon comes with some dominant features. There are also hundreds of different maps in this project. In addition to original locations, there are plenty of maps created by the fans. The creativity of their designs is stunning. You can yourself in the rocky mountains with burning volcanos or opt for ancient environment. No matter where you decide to play, the main aim remains the same – you need to kill as many enemies as you can.

Get armed and start this shooting adventure!

Do your best to explore every corner of a new map and get rid of everyone who comes your way. And do not forget to check all the chests you meet on your way – you will find more bullets here. Check it now whether you can do it! The game is multiplayer, and you will enjoy playing with real users from all over the world! Have fun with your friends!

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