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Mini Royale Nation

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This new shooter is completely based on the NFT items. Thus, each player will have to accumulate the best items and train their skills in order to be the winner in fierce conflicts over territories with other players. Each gamer can play either alone or in alliances with other players. Thus, you will be able to freely choose whether to join a guild or not. If you still decide to join a group, then you must remember that you will have to participate in specific missions, without much freedom to choose your own scenario development. However, when playing alone, you will end up being too vulnerable compared to when you are in a group. You should complete as many daily missions as possible. These will bring you in-game currency – you can then exchange it for the NFT items inside the game platform.

Dive into a new shooting adventure!

This game will take you to the planet where fierce fights between different nations never stop! At first, you need to choose your character – there are several options available here! And then you will be redirected to the battlefield to join your team. Take the weapon and carefully start to move across locations, exploring it. As soon as you see an enemy, shoot immediately! It depends only on your agility whether you will be faster than your opponent and survive! You will have to team up with a strong clan and look for new territories to conquer.

Your weapons and ammunition need to be continuously upgraded so that you can achieve better results. You will also be engaged in additional activities like mining and exploration. But still, the main focus is on fighting. So try to demonstrate your best skills and do not stop enhancing them. There are lots of game modes to experience in Mini Royale Nations – make sure you enjoy them all!

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