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Have you ever tried archery shooter? Then welcome to a cool multiplayer to measure your skills with other players from all over the world. The only weapon available in this game is a bow and arrows! You can kill your opponents only with a really precise shot! If you launch the arrow at a wrong angle, you will miss your target. So you need to use your knowledge of physics to correctly calculate the trajectory before releasing it. The mission of the player is to sneak into your enemy base and steal the flag! The whole gameplay is full of danger and risks! Besides, you need the highest level of concentration not to waste your arrows in vain. Join this entertainment now to see what a score you can achieve!

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This entertainment offers a lot of thrilling opportunities. You can switch to multiplayer mode and enjoy this game together with your friends and other players in real-time. As you move on, you will earn points for successful shots – these will allow you to purchase a lot of improvements in the store. There are five types of bows here and different ammunition accessories for your personage. Besides, you can select from several maps. The best approach is to test all of them. Each location comes with unique obstacles and trials, making the walkthrough unbelievably exciting. Join this project now to master bow shooting and just have fun! You will enjoy every minute of the Narrow One adventure!

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