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Polygonal Battlefield

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Fans of fighting games can always find a new plot to enjoy. Here is new entertainment to experience! If you feel your fighting skills are strong enough, hurry up to test these in Polygonal Battlefield! But get ready to a real death confrontation in this shooting adventure. You will start with creation of your own character. There are many customization tools to make it stand out from the crowd. Do not underestimate this stage – the menu contains a lot of features to build a unique personage that will be immediately remembered. The task is more than clear – you need to find and destroy the maximum number of enemies. You can use any vehicle and even a boat to conduct military operations at sea. Try to get the most powerful weapons and show the best result. It will move you to the top of the leaderboard.

How to play?

This game is designed as multiplayer. Thus, there are two options to enjoy it – you can find and join already launched project or start your own one. Now you need to decide whether you want to play in TDM or DM modes. Then, you should select your weapon and transport and plunge into a fight. No matter what mode and ammo you have chosen, your main task is always to shoot the maximum number of opponents. Do not forget to look around as you move across a particular location. You will find many items that will work as boosters and improve your skills.

Do not stop

In Polygonal Battlefield – try all variants to pump your hero, test all available weapons, try driving all available vehicles. This way, you will be able to progress and make the gaming process even more exciting. Every time, the development of your scenario depends only on your actions – so be very inventive and make it really spectacular. You will live through many thrilling moments in this cool multiplayer!

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