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The Patriots: Fight And Freedom

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All players get used to that the main characters in shooting games are predominantly men. But this time, the developers decided to surprise everyone, offering to play for a woman. So, you will transform into the heroine who has decided to say goodbye to her cozy life of a housewife and become a warrior! Her place was invaded by enemies who took the president hostage! Now the main character decides to make her contribution and joins resistance forces. Will you help this brave woman in this challenge? At first, you need to get a weapon for her. Then you need to control her action so that she is not an easy victim of the enemies! It is going to be a thrilling adventure!

How to play?

You will start in the street that is fully controlled by the hostile opponents. The first task is to find a particular house and make your way to it. You will be able to identify it by the smoke from the chimney. The main character needs to meet her family there. But if you do something wrong, she will be spotted by the enemy and chased. In this case, you will have to hide or run. The heroine will find her husband wounded in that place. Luckily, he still manages to inform her that their son and other children were kidnapped by the terrorists. Now, Ashley needs to find and release them. She is ready for everything to take revenge for her husband! Start this game to help her trick all the opponents and successfully complete her mission.

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