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Wounded Winter

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There is a variety of different online shooters, but we bet you will love this one. First of all, its plot differs greatly from traditional games in this genre. You will not see futuristic warriors with the most powerful weapons. In this story, you play for a native American. This is a man named Akecheta. You will learn about a terrible moment of his life.

One day, when he was hunting with other men from his village, his tribe was severely attacked by enemies and many people were mercilessly killed. The wife of the hero was kidnapped, and now he has only one mission – to take revenge and return his wife. Join him to through this unbelievable trail – help the protagonist get weapons, find the enemies and deal with them with no mercy. You will love colorful environment which differs from the traditional shooters you used to play.

Help the hero to defeat enemies!

The fans of exotic and western scenarios will adore Wounded Winter – you will love the graphic that ideally transmits the environment. It is a thrilling survival story in which you will be moving across vast territory. Your main task is to return Akecheta’s wife. But you do not know where the enemies are hiding. So first of all, you need to explore the surrounding area and find some traces of your opponents.

It is a dangerous adventure

Get ready to help the hero overcome numerous challenges on his way. There is no way back now until he finds his beloved wife. Luckily, Akecheta will have enough weapon to protect himself and attack the culprits. Test this thrilling game now to go through exciting adventures with this brave man. Do not give up until you delete the last enemy and complete your mission. All controls are very simple and the entertainment will be suitable for players of all ages.

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