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Zombies Shooter Part 1

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After a chain of various cataclysms, the planet has been invaded by crowds of evil zombies! They mercilessly killed most of the people and took their houses. Still, some people have managed to survive but they will also become victims of bloodthirsty creatures if they do not find a solution to clear the world from these terrible monsters. You need to take a group of people under your control and help them break through! Fortunately, you will have enough weapons to confront your enemies. Do your best to kill as many evil zombies as you can. Earn points for each killed monster and move on until you delete all of them!

Upgrade your weapons!

You will have access to a variety of tools and devices that will help you delete the approaching antagonists. But their number will be increasing every time, so you will need to earn points and buy more powerful weapons to destroy a whole crowd of zombies. Sometimes, one shot is not enough to kill a beast. Note they will continue crawling towards you if you only injure them. You need to fully break your attackers to pieces to neutralize them. If you have enough points, you can even buy some invulnerability when you see too many enemies surround you at once. And do not forget to regularly upgrade your ammo to effectively fend off the waves of attackers. You will even be able to get a grenade and blast a group of zombies at once. Always control your health level not to interrupt the confrontation at the most inappropriate moment.

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