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Dude Theft Wars 2

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Do you love games full of action and risk? Then here is something that can attract your attention and engage you for hours! Try Dude Theft Wars 2 – a sandbox that will immediately remind you of GTA! But this time, the design and the plot have been fully reworked – you will find yourself in a city inhabited by cute ragdolls. At first, you may think that it is primitive and boring, but do not miss a chance to test it before you leave. You will become the same fun-looking character who is free to do whatever you want and it is not a joke. And the most exciting thing is that you can become a good or a bad character.

Only you decide what you will do here.

You will find a large arsenal of weapons and a stunning fleet of vehicles on the menu – you can literally perform miracles now! Transform into a fearless driver and race along city streets at a killing speed. Or get armed with a powerful gun and destroy everything around with no mercy! There are so many opportunities here that you will need hours to try them all! And the best moment about this project is that you do not need to follow any rules here. If you have an idea – do not hesitate to realize it immediately. You do not have a car but feel like driving? No worries – just steal it and race! You can do a lot of crazy things without asking for the permission.

Fight and have fun!

Moreover, if you feel you have too much energy – do not miss a chance to purchase weapons and participate in intensive fights with other players. The game offers a thrilling opportunity of a multiplayer mode and you can interact with other users in real-time. What can be more fun than trying to trick and outperform crowds of other dudes around? You are offered a variety of cool maps to explore and tons of active mini-games. Every time, a new adventure is awaiting you here – do not hesitate to rob a bank or make a shooting in a gangster chase.

Everything depends only on your creativity and the desire to experiment – commit crimes, organize crazy parties and run away from the police! So do not waste any more time – thousands of players are already going through this fabulous gaming experiment. Join this insane company and enjoy it to the fullest! You will adore these fantastic adventures!

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