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Dude Theft Wars Multiplayer

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Are you sick and tired of routine games? Then it is time to test Dude Theft Wars! Feel the crazy taste of insane city life! Dude Theft Wars will take you to a virtual city where life does not stop for a second! The location is full of smart-looking dudes who are just busy with inventing new adventures! Are you ready to join this company and receive a truly unbelievable experience! The main thing to know is that you do not have any particular target in this entertainment – all you need is to have as much fun as possible.

The developers intentionally have not introduced any restrictions to the gameplay. Thus, you can commit any crime and avoid punishment for it. Sounds thrilling, doesn’t it? Of course, the most inventive players do not miss the opportunity to realize their weirdest ideas in Dude Theft Wars!

Enjoy never ending mini-games!

Your cute characters can interact in real time in multiplayer mode. There are plenty of stories you can enjoy with your friends or just random users. There is a rich selection of all possible maps here. For example, Team DeathMatch offers intense adventures with thrilling endings. And the NoobTown map provides incredible fast-paced scenarios, while JackStreet is mainly focused on cool open-world war games. These are only a few offers from a long list.

Come up with your own story

One of the most thrilling plots you can find here is the police chase. As it has been already mentioned, there are no restrictions in this game – you can even commit crimes and ignore the laws. But the police will try to catch you, and your task is to win in this race! You can unleash your creativity and come up with your own scenario! Invent some funny story and invite others to share the fun! Do you already have some weird story on your mind? This incredible entertainment is the right place to realize it. Do not worry if it is not usual – this is exactly what is need to have thrilling gaming experience in the company with other players. And do not forget to see what your friends offer – there are many online adventures awaiting you in Dude Theft Wars multiplayer!

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