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Dude Theft Wars

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Do you want to play a game where you just need to enjoy the process? Then you should consider Dude Theft Wars! You will transform into a cool ragdoll and find yourself in the city inhabited by the same cute residents. All of them seem to have endless fun and enjoy their life to the fullest! So let’s see what you can do in this fabulous world.

There are no rules here

Everyone just is busy with whatever he likes. You can even break the law if you feel it is necessary – no one can stop you. It is even encouraged when the player is ready to violate traditional rules. Everyone will agree that life if boring without crazy events. So be ready to turn into a cool dude and impress everyone around with insane behavior. What can you invent? Practically everything you can dream of – you can steal a car, slap another player, commit a crime and run away from the police. Nobody can dictate to you what is right and what is wrong here. You decide yourself how to get entertained in Dude Theft Wars.

Have fun with others in real time!

Of course, you can always choose to be a decent character but once you get tired of it, dive into the insane adventure with your head! You will be surprised with the range of activities in this game – parties, shooting, fighting and much more. It is even possible to become a criminal here and build your own gangster group here. It will allow you to go through thrilling interactions with the police that will try to get hold of you. But you can race at a crazy speed to run away and continue your misbehavior! You will also find enough mini-games devoted to fighting in this project. You will have access to all imaginable weapons to participate in epic confrontations.

The most winning feature is that you can switch to multiplayer mode and enjoy live interaction with players from all over the world. In other words, Dude Theft Wars offer you to taste a dream life without rules. You will not understand how awesome it can be until you test it. This entertainment has been already highly appreciated by thousands of users, and you will definitely join their company if you spend several hours in this adventurous world of cool dudes. You will hardly find another online fun with so many opportunities. And the main thing is that you can come up with your own stories here and invite others to share them for the best experience. Start playing now to check it out!

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