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Do you love fighting games but are already tired of traditional plots? Then you should not miss! It is an exciting multiplayer that will take you to the future. Severe fights never stop in this futuristic world. And this game invites you to become a part of it – try on the role of the augmented super soldier. Select your character and customize it in a way you wish. Now it is time to get armed and step into a fighting arena. The variety of weapons and vehicles will impress even the most experienced players. But you need to think well about what weapon is appropriate at a certain moment, otherwise, it will turn into your weakness. Use rifles when you need to hit a distant target and opt for guns for close combat.

Fight with others in real-time!

You can choose yourself whether you play for a team or take part in individual battles. The multiplayer mode is especially enjoyable as it allows you to take part in real-time confrontations and tournaments. Thousands of users are playing this game, so you will always find the company to share the fun. The player can jump, sprint and much more to move across an environment full of dangers. Whenever you see an enemy in front of you, do not hesitate to open fire to kill him. You will have several chances to respawn once you are killed. If you want to succeed, you should not lose control even for a second! Earn points for your killed opponents, pump your hero and unlock new features. Join now to go through this unbelievable fighting experience!

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