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If you are thirsty for adventures and fun, this online entertainment is inviting you. Dude Theft Wars is a big open world inhabited by cute characters that are never idle or bored. Your hero is an ordinary guy who arrived in this cool town and discovered fabulous life! At first glance, the location seems really nice and cozy. But very soon, you will change your mind! Actually, it is a weird place where you will dive into a flow of crazy activities. It is up to you whether you will become a positive character here or a criminal! In any case, you will enjoy full freedom of action! Are you ready to give it a try?

What can you do here?

The developers decided not to restrict you in this project – you can do absolutely everything you want. You will find yourself in the company of other dudes and can choose your own way to interact with them. If you love the life full of action – then you can opt for a story mode and participate in endless missions. Alternatively, you can enjoy this world at your own convenient pace – take part in active mini-games and even try to commit a crime! It the best feature of Dude Theft Wars that you decide for yourself what you will do next and whether you want your hero to be a good or bad guy!

The latter option is especially attractive to the players as they may taste the life with no laws! You can steal a car and drive it at a crazy speed. Or you can get behind the wheel of a plane and pilot it without a special license. And if you feel a true warrior inside – join numerous fighting and defeat your opponents. There are so many different activities here that you will not get bored. You can even tease other characters around – slap them to see the reaction and have even more exciting plot development. Do you see the police chasing you? Do not worry – it will make the game cooler!

Enjoy interaction with other dudes!

You do not need the Internet connection to enjoy Dude Theft Wars. The adventures are available both offline and online – just open a huge map and explore this virtual universe full of mini-games and thrilling adventures. But, of course, the best gaming experience awaits you in multiplayer mode. You will interact with other users in real-time – there are a lot of intense missions and contests to go through. Do your best to win these, earn points and unlock new engaging activities.

The game has so many things to offer that you will spend many hours in a row here without going through two stories alike. Moreover, you can use your imagination and invent new fabulous adventures and have incredible fun! There are no rules to follow here! Hurry up to share the fun with thousands of other players!

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